All paintings come ready to hang, beautifully framed to the highest standard of carpentry in sustainable Oak. They are handmade and stained in a black oil to allow the beauty of the grain to show through. We like our frames to be contemporary in feel, but with enough weight to feel substantial and high quality. Their baton hanging allows the frames to fit beautifully flush to the wall with no movement, (unlike string fixing).

Works on Paper are sold unframed on-line. For Art purchases over £1,000. We can arrange for them to be framed to archival standard on your behalf. The frames are custom made in sustainable Oak. They also come with anti-reflective glass. (This dramatically cuts down light reflection and increases the intensity of darker colours, while protecting pigment from fading).

Please email for a quote. Prices start from £200 per 500 x 700 mm frame.



Archival v’s non- archival- what’s the difference?

Archival, Conservation and Preservation framing are all interchangeable terms to describe a very high standard of framing that preserves the work and it’s value.  Conservation grade materials are used, such as acid free mount board to prevent yellowing, glass with UV protection to prevent fading and careful construction within the frame to provide the right amount of pressure, so as not to damage the work.


Bespoke v’s Ready made frames- what’s best?

A bespoke frame is made especially for that art work and will have carefully considered the artwork’s detail and matched it in colour, mount and proportion. It will have the added benefit of being Conservation Grade, if using a Fine Art Framer.


Ready made frames are a good option when an affordable option is needed. The frames will come in a standardised size and you may need to consider getting a mount cut separately, to fit the art work inside the frame.